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Well Woman Care

Individualized, attentive and gentle well woman care includes (but is not limited to):

Annual Breast Exams

Gentle Pap Testing

Cervical Cancer Screening

STI Screening

Family & Pre-Conception Counseling

Fertility Counseling

Basic Physical Exam

Pregnancy Tests

Nutrition Counseling

Hormone Testing

Natural and Holistic remedies


Your regular visit schedule will be:

4 week visits through 28 weeks 

2 week visits from 28-36 weeks

Weekly visits from 36 weeks on

Your initial Visit can be about 2 hours

A regular visit can be about 1 hour

At 36 weeks visits can be about 3 hours

During each visit your physical and emotional well-being will be cared for (including but not limited to):

Optimal Nutrition for You

Preparing You for the Upcoming Journey

Performing Standard Lab Tests

Baby's Health and Well-Being will be Cared for Through (but not limited to):

Baby's Heart Tones


Baby's Growth Rate

Baby's Movement

Labor and Birth

When you reach active labor your birth team will arrive at your home. 

From then till the birth of your baby your birth team will be (but not limited to):
Checking Your Vitals and Well-Being
Listening to Baby's Heart Tones
Encouraging Plenty of Food and Liquids
Informing You of Your Options, Allowing You to Make the Right Decisions for Your Family

After baby's birth, your birth team will stay until both mother and baby are stable and ready to settle into bed for their well deserved postpartum nap. While we are with you and your family we will be (but not limited to):

Checking Baby's Transition

Checking your Well-Being
Promoting Skin-to-Skin
Delayed Cord Clamping and Cutting

Establishing Breastfeeding

Vaginal/Perineal Repair if Needed

Belly Binding


Care for you and Baby will continue through 6 weeks after birth. In that time we will schedule postpartum visits at hours 24-48, day 3-4, day 7-8, week 2 and week 6. Extra visits maybe arranged if needed. Visits include (but are not limited to):

Checking Baby's health and well-being

Weight check on Baby

How breastfeeding is going 

Checking your healing and recovery

Birth Certificate and Social Security paperwork​

Our Services

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